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Belt Scan Color Sorter

Belt Scan Color Sorter
Belt Scan Color Sorter

Product Use

Nikon industrial grade 2048 pixel CCD camera and high resolution image sensor with high precision. Accurately
detect tiny particles and tiny flaws.
Analysis of spectral properties in various kinds of material to identify flaws and color difference tiny to 0.1mm.
High Speed?Yield Material Handling System, The breakage of nut is < 1 %.

Product Features
Belt-type material transport system
enables small fall?low broken rate of materials, suitable for color sorting of more different materials.
Accurately set the operating parameters according to the track of different materials. To make the device
multiple function, raise the added value of equipment.
Various sorting mode and automatic memory function, no any setting of next starting up, easy to get the best sorting results.

Technical Parameters
Belt Scan Color Sorter

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