What’s the function of rice grader?

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Rice grader is a normal equipment in rice mill plant. Is it necessary to do rice grader? How does the rice grader work? So let’s have a detailed understanding of rice mill grader today with HDC. Rice Thickness Grader It is a kind of cleaning equipment for separating grain particles. The octagonal sieve cylinder rotates around the horizontal axis to classify grain particles and plant seeds with different thickness, so as to achieve the purpose of removing impurities or rice


VW Air Compressor

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Product UseVW series of piston type air compressor is widely used in industires such as chemical, food, rice mill and etc. This machine can be oil-free with low, medium and high pressure series. Product FeaturesIt’s featured with clean, non-pollution and non-leak operation, which would be your ideal choice for food processing. No worry about the installation and application! It’s rather easy to operate and reliable on performance. Rice Mill Machine Technical Parameters

SCR Air Compressor

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SCR Air CompressorSCR series of screw type air compressor assembled with storage bare compressor and imported parts. With this kind of structure, it delivers more stable performance and generates greater air output. Product FeaturesIt is with little noise and non-pollution, simplified maintenance and less power consumption. Rice Bran Oil Plant Technical Parameters