Chemical refining rice bran Equipment
Chemical refining rice bran, rice bran in the process, the crude oil and contains a variable number of fatty substances, they can produce undesirable flavor, color, or to maintain a lower fat mass. These include the free fatty acids, phospholipids, carbohydrates, and their confusion white matter degradation products, water, and fat color cable oxidation products. Many refining rice bran oil by refining a commercially designed to remove these substances .
Settlement consists of two phases, first heated fat, then let it remain for some time, until the aqueous phase is separated and recycled. Thus, the water is removed, proteinaceous matter, phospholipids from fat and carbohydrates. If under certain circumstances, particularly when the oil containing the most-phospholipids, is known to take degumming pretreatment: 2-3% water was added, with stirring at about 50 ℃ compound is then separated by settling or centrifugation hydration phospholipids.

Chemical refining rice bran in order to remove free fatty acids, the amount of a certain concentration of sodium hydroxide and heating the fat and mixed, and the mixture was maintained for a period of time until a precipitation of the aqueous phase, the aqueous phase is called an oil-pin or soap, it is after separating for the manufacture of soap. Neutral oil was washed with hot water, followed by sedimentation or centrifugation to remove residual soap.
Of course, during the machining oil, the main purpose of the alkali treatment is to remove free fatty acids, phospholipids, but also makes the process and significantly reducing a colored substance.
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