Deodorization process
In order to avoid a large loss of neutral oil saponification, using high temperature and high vacuum, deodorizing steam stripping method is performed while deacidification,
deacidification i.e. physical refining processes. Because rice bran contains more free fatty acids , in order to ensure deacidification, deodorization effect, double soft packing process tower production.
Dewaxed oil into the getter by heating, removal of air in the oil, which is fed by the oil pump – oil heat exchanger, a heater of mineral oil, rice bran oil is heated to about 250 ℃.
High temperature grease into the packing flash tower for the first time stripping deacidification , after entering the delay pyrolysis pigment. In about 25 minutes residence time delay and then the oil heater,
maintaining bran oil heated to about 250 ℃, into the filler deacidification, deodorization second stripping column deacidification, bran oil will be more thorough removal of free fatty acids final free fatty acid content in the oil of about 0.1%.

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