Hydration degumming of rice bran oil, rice bran oil refining is critical physical removal of colloidal substances as oil seed. There are a lot of colloidal substances will not only affect the quality of products, but also easy to be happy at high temperature grease attached to the filler surface, affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

Hydration degumming of rice bran oil
A phosphorus content of degummed oil is generally required for hydration less than or equal 30mg / kg. Bran oil is first heated to 80-85 ℃, the oil was added 0.3%, the content of 85% food grade phosphoric acid, with rapid stirring 30min. Rice bran oil degumming hydration temperature of 90-95 ° C was added in an amount of 5% alum solution, slow stirring after 15min, left to settle for 2 hours to release the oil leg.

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