Leaching oil extraction technology
Leaching oil extraction technology, the equipment is a kind of professional equipment to extract oil, it will push the grease of the clutter and useless content filtering out, so we need crude oil. Waste clay leaching oil extraction technology is a kind of edible oils and fats industry decolorization of waste clay leaching after oil extraction process, its characteristic is that includes the following steps:
1, material: be on the waiting list waste clay, ceramic clay, gypsum powder, calcium powder four raw material, by weight percentage meter, among them, described the waste clay accounted for 82% ~ 94% of the sum of the four raw material weight, described ceramic clay accounted for 1.5% ~ 4.5% of the sum of the four raw material weight, described in the gypsum powder for four % 2 ~ 8% of the sum of the raw material weight, described the calcium powder accounted for 2% ~ 6% of the sum of the four raw material weight; According to the aforementioned four raw material weight 1.8 ~ 2.4 times of the sum of the be on the waiting list solvent oil;
2, mixing: ceramic mud, as described in step 1 gypsum powder and calcium powder described according to the proportion in a blender fully mixing, stirring time is 2 ~ 8 minutes;
3, stir again, solvent oil, and then step 1 described the waste clay into blender mixing fully described by the proportion, mixing time is 10 ~ 30 minutes, the mixture;
4, precipitation, will be described in the mixture of natural precipitation, precipitation of 50 ~ 80 minutes, finally, sediment and sediment float on the mixed oil;
5, circulation evaporation: absorb deposits above mixed oil into the evaporator, circulation evaporation, until qualified crude oil.

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