Product Description
General Description:
LYZX28 low-temperature screw expeller is applicable for the low-temperature production of vegetable oil, oil-bearing crops such as rapeseed, husked rapeseed kernel, peanut kernel, chinaberry seed, teaseed kernel, sunflower seed kernel, cotton seed kernel, etc. can be pressed.

Technology data:
1. Motor Power: 45+11+1.5KW
2. Net weight: 9600KG
3. Dimension: 3783×3038×3050mm
4. Production Capacity: 40-60T/D
5. Oil content in cake: 15-19%

LYZX28 is suit for low-temperature production of oil, under common processing preparation, it has below highlights:
1. Low feeding temperature, the protein is less denatured in cake.
2. Reasonable structure, easy maintenance, sturdy and durable.
3. Self equipped temperature and water content controlling device.
4. Automatic continuously working, according to actual demond, the machine can be customized with PLC system.

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