Oil extraction equipment
Oil extraction equipment: leaching equipment types vary widely, the general design process design should be. However, now more mature leaching processes. Its equipment includes: extractor, desolventizing grilled meal, a mixture of oil evaporator, stripper, exhaust absorber, water separator and a variety of heat exchangers, vessels and pumps and so on. Most of equipment belonging to the ordinary chemical equipment, chemical equipment design specifications can be mechanical and structural design. To this end . The following describes only the main leaching special equipment.
(1) immersion of the preform type leaching i.e. always immersed in a solvent for oil extraction method. Leaching characteristics of this device is the leaching time is short. Operating flexibility. However, a large proportion of the solvent mixture and dilute the concentration of oil-containing slag is more, the subsequent solvent recovery processes consume more energy.
(2) that the use of spray-type extraction solvent extracted oil spray penetration principle, the method can overcome the shortcomings of immersion-type, but the longer it will be loud leaching time increase the amount of stand-alone treatment.
(3) mixed by immersion leaching i.e., the combination of the principle of spraying, immersion, such as the use of the large spray penetration method to improve leaching efficiency.
This method combines the characteristics of immersion and spraying, and can be completed within the same device. So is promoting applications. The main models can be flat-turn, ring towline type and a fixed basket bucket type. In addition, the leaching of high oil can also be used after the first penetration soaked combination leaching equipment. But there should be two sets of equipment.

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