Oil leaching processPRODUCT DETAILS
Fat oil leaching process can press oil into the leaching pretreatment methods and divided into a leaching method, to squeeze leaching method, extrusion method, wet and heat treatment (Alcon) leaching method, etc.Adopted by leacher type can also be in accordance with the characteristics and divided into tank group type leaching, swing type, ring type leaching apparatus and so on.But neither the immersion oil or leaching shape difference, the difference between a their leaching process is basically the same.These basic work art process includes four processes, namely the leaching process,
mixed oil processing, rice bran extract wet meal processing and solvent recovery process., however, the difference between configuration in process equipment and process conditions of difference, the actual production process of the difference of technology index and production effect.To achieve good production effect, therefore, requires intensive study the production technology, research, and the effects of various factors on leaching production as well as the relationship between them.My company can according to customer requirements to custom make the size of the right products.

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