Refining process dewaxing process
Refining process dewaxing process, dewaxing process in the refining process is very important in the process steps, any carelessness may result in the production of edible oil cannot be directly edible, so request operator pay special attention to the operation process.
Dewaxing MAO bran oil and vegetable oil, such as rapeseed oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, such as comparison, not only high acid value, colour and lustre is deep, but also contains 2% ~ 7% of the wax.We call it “bran wax wax in rice bran oil.Its composition and mineral wax (paraffin) is different, the latter is long carbon chain of n-alkane substances, and bran wax was mostly senior fatty acid and the spinning of the formation of higher fatty alcohol ester, etc.
When the temperature is higher, bran wax with molecular decentralized state after dissolved in oil.Because of its high melting point, when the temperature decreases gradually, from oil phase after crystallization precipitation, make the opaque state oil and affect the appearance of the grease.At the same time, rice bran oil with high wax content will have to eat paste mouth phenomenon, affect appetite, nor after enters the body for digestion, absorption of human body system, so it is necessary to remove it out.When using corn salad oil production also needs “dewaxing operation process.Removal of oil in the wax process known as “dewaxing”.
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