Acquired from rice bran processing plants, ground rice and broken rice contained proportion of about 3 to 5 percent, when the rice plant rice sieve perforation or ground rice bran separation is not good, and even up to 6 to 8 percent, these effects of fine rice chaff and oil, the use of ground rice bran separation screen removed.

Ground rice bran separated mainly by the sieve sieve, vibrating structure, sub-material structure, chassis components. It uses high-speed rotating emphasis block centrifugal force generated by the screening body to produce horizontal and vertical bi-vibration material in the screen surface for strong fluctuations of jumping movement,
so that rice bran, ground rice and broken rice to get separated from different spout.

After rice bran feed material falling into the pan evenly splice mouth, with the air sucked ground rice bran separator, ground rice bran mixture velocity in the separator is gradually reduced, rice bran by air sucked away, ground rice and broken rice fell separator discharged by the pressure at the bottom of the door, so as to achieve the purpose of ground rice bran separation.

Rice bran by air into the brake Crone, tangentially into the separation chamber, a second separation,
rice bran discharged through the airlock brake Crone bottom of the settling chamber air into the cyclone separator for the third settlement, net gas discharge, rice bran is discharged from the bottom of the cyclone settling chamber. Airflow throughout the system consists of a centrifugal fan generated, fan installed in the brake Crone after the cyclone before settling chamber.

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