Rice bran oil distillation deacidification process
Rice bran oil distillation deacidification process: distillation deacidification process both desolventizing, deacidification and deodorization of multiple roles, is the use of volatile substances, such as differences in free fatty acids and triglycerides in the volatility of oil under high temperature and high vacuum conditions With the process of steam distillation process to remove fat in low molecular weight aldehydes, ketones, free fatty acids, unsaturated hydrocarbons and other substances, while the new smell of rice bran preparation and processing of produce also played well off In addition to the role. There is a certain relationship between the material and the odor of fatty acid, deodorization and deacidification are closely related.
Rice bran oil, the distillation can be removed deacidification process not only free fatty acids in the oil flavor substances, but also to improve the smoke point, to improve the flavor, so that the stability, color and quality of the rice bran oil is improved. Because rice bran oil distillation deacidification process while removing peroxide and its decomposition products, some of the heat-sensitive pigment, removing the volatile oil decomposition of protein, remove small molecular weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and pesticide residues, making it drop to a safe range.

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