The small rice processing equipment of the combined rice mill is composed of feeding part, hulling part, brown rice, large bran separation part, rice milling part, air blower and other parts. The machine can continuously complete the whole processing process of rice from cleaning, shelling, air selection to whitening, and the large bran, fine bran, chaff and white rice are discharged out of the machine respectively.

This machine has reasonable layout, compact structure, small volume, light weight, convenient and reliable operation and adjustment, low noise, less bran in finished rice and low crushing rate. The accuracy of white rice can reach more than “standard one”. With low energy consumption and high efficiency, it is a new rice processing equipment suitable for rural economy.

Technical parameters

Model Capacity (KG/H) Power(KW) Net Weight(KG) Dimension(L*W*H/mm)
SB-5 500-600KG/H 5.5KW 130 860 ×700× 1290
SB-10D 600-900KG/H 7.5-11KW 195 780×760×1700
SB-30 1000-1500KG/H 15KW 230 970×760×1760
SB-50 1800-2300KG/H 22KW 630 1050×970×2200

Paddy firstly enters into the portable rice mill machine through vibrating sieve and magnet device, then passes rubber-roller for

hulling. After air blowing and air jetting to the milling room, the paddy finishes the process of husking and milling in succession. Then husk, unripe paddy, and white rice are expelled out of the machine respectively. The dust collector collects the fine rice husk.


1. High purity and Less power consumption 

2. Compact structure, high production efficiency 

3. Easy to operate and convenient maintain 

 4. Have a special dust control equipment, it is eco-friendly.

5. Superior performance and reliable quality 

6. Be suitable for commercial processing plant and rural users. 

7. Low noise

8. Long time use

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