The extraction process of rice bran oil
The extraction process of rice bran oil, rice bran is a byproduct of processing, rice bran oil from rice bran layer is larger Mi Maipi preparation oil, rice bran oil content of 15% to 22%. Rice bran oil is a high quality edible oil, the advantages of promoting the growth of human health, essential fatty acids, resistant to preservation, anti-oxidation, which contain, also known as the “healthy oil”, “nutrition oil.” Rice bran oil extraction process and refining process is divided into two parts.
1 Cleaning Extraction
Available winnowing, screening and other methods to remove broken rice bran and other impurities inside .
2 steaming and roasting process
The rice bran directly into flat-bottomed wok, the speed of 40 rev / min, the water is about 65% ~ 75% and a temperature of 120 ℃, steaming and roasting time is 10 minutes or so. Rice bran can also be placed in a vertical multi-steaming wok, add water to a moisture content of 25%, steaming and roasting pressure is 490 to 686.6 kPa, the end temperature of 130 ℃, the moisture of 4% to 5%.
Rice bran oil extraction process 3 to make cakes
Steamed fried blanks into the spiral do cake machine press into cakes. Do cake faster.
Rice bran oil extraction process 4 press
With a 90 or 95-type pressing machine pressing, when the press first fast-pressed, for about 3 to 5 minutes, then slowly squeezed until after most of the oil is squeezed out and drain When boost to the vertex with the high-pressure pump.
Rice bran oil extraction process 5 filter
The press good hair bran oil on canvas or double Purifier filter cloth, filter temperature control at 70 ℃, squeezed out of the hair bran oil, must be refined in order to eat.

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