Three methods of pretreatment of rice bran, rice bran easy to rancidity, after storing the system out of oleic acid prices, refining too low, and therefore should not be stored, usually with fresh rice bran edible oil refining and processing, rice bran edible oil refining in three stages: rice bran pretreatment or use refined oil equipment oil, rice bran oil extraction extraction, rice bran crude oil refining.

Three methods of pretreatment of rice bran:

First, after the old steam fried rice bran oil press or screw press with hydraulic oil, its cake to leaching or sold directly to the feed mill.

Second, puffed rice bran drying backward through leaching effects are fresh rice bran oil extraction, puffed after the workshop, can be stored; puffing process the oil is high, increasing the amount of leaching handles about 30 percent.

Third, by granulation and drying rice bran oil extraction backward leaching plant. Industrial production applications is the choice of many backward extrusion or granulation drying mention oil extraction plant.

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