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TZQY&QSX Series Combined Cleaner

TZQY&QSX Series Combined Cleaner

This combined cleaner is reliable paddy cleaning machine solution and will be used before rice milling process to remove stones, metal and other impurities.


The machine is composed of two sets of equipment: TSQY cylinder primary cleaning screen and TQSX specific gravity stone remover. The equipment is featured with simple structure, innovate design, less space occupation, stable performance, low noise, convenient operation and maintenance, low energy consumption and so on. It is an ideal equipment for cleaning large and fine impurities in raw grain.

Paddy Cleaning Machine – Specifications

Modle Output(t/h) Required Power(kw) Air Volume(m3/min)
TZQY54 / QSX45 1.2-2 1.5 1400-1500
TZQY75 / QSX65 1.5-2.5 1.5 2500-3000
TZQY80 / QSX86 2-3 2.2 2800-3500
TZQY100 / QSX86 2.5-3.5 2.2 3800-4100
TZQY100 / QSX125 3.5-4.5 1.5*2 4500-5500


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