Automatic Rice Huller Working Mechanisms

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How does automatic rice huller works?The situation differs for different kind of machines. Generally, iron screen is installed in the working room of large-scale peeling machine, and grinding wheel is installed in the screen to form a raw grain peeling gap between the screen and grinding wheel. When the rice huller is working, the screen and grinding wheel rotate in reverse direction to remove the seed coat of grain. At the same time of peeling, seed coat is separated by


DKTL Rice Hull Separator

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Product Use DKTL series of paddy husk separator is used to separating the paddy and brown rice from husk, including the plump grain granule, rough crushed rice, incomplete granule, shriveled cereal, grain husk etc. Rice Mill Machine Price Technical Parameters

MKXS Rice Separator

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Product UseThe MKSX rice separator is used for separating the bran and chaff from rice, which is widely used in rice mill and flour mill plant. Product FeaturesIt can improve the economic value of the chaff.Rice Bran Oil Plant Technical Parameters Model: MKXS80—4/5 MKXS100—3/4/5 MKXS112—3/4/5 MKXS120—3/4/5 Output(t/h): 0.5~0.8 1.5~2.0 1.8~2.2 2.0~2.5 Power(kw): 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 Speed(rpm): 180±5 180±5 180±5 180±5 Net Weight(kg): 600~650 650~700 700~750 750~800 Dimensions(m): 1.4—1.3—1.7 1.4—1.4—1.6 1.4—1.4—1.8 1.4—1.5—1.8