HDC MLTQ Pneumatic Paddy Husker – is mainly used in hulling rice paddy. It will remove paddy efficiently and produce raw rice. It’s featured with stepless voltage regulation, while the pressure is evenly given.

With steplesss pressure adjusting of the roller, it will enforce the pressure more evenly than traditional way, which helps to reduce the breakage rate and improve quality of rice hulling output.

The rice husker process will be handled in automatic way and it’s simple to operate. Requied no manual operation, it will reduce a lot of labor work and money.

Rice Paddy Husker

Three models available:

MLGQ36: 4-4.8t/h; 7.5kw
MLGQ51: 6-7t/h; 11kw
MLGQ63: 6.5-8.5t/h; 15kw

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