Preparation of rice bran oil using a screw press mechanism to take rice bran oil extraction machine-pressed method, the process is as follows: rice bran, screened, mixed with rice husk, add water, steamed green, fried green, press, hair bran oil.

Step 1 Preparation of rice bran oil. Screening often contain broken rice bran and impurities, broken rice contains a lot of starch, if not removed when the gelatinized starch steamed sticky blank affect oil yield when pressed. The purpose of screening is to remove the broken rice bran and impurities, ensuring oil yield. Available ground rice bran isolated small square sieve for screening.

Step 2 Preparation of rice bran oil. Rice bran shell doped doped 4.5% to 5% of the shell, to increase the hardness of the blank, blank when steam vapor can easily pass blanks eat gas evenly. After the incorporation of rice husk, to flip uniform .

Step 3 Preparation of rice bran oil press. When distilled water blanks for easy on gas, should be appropriate to add water. Rice bran water for l1% a 12%, generally 20% water . Water should be uniform, and the rice bran loose.

Step 4 Preparation of rice bran oil press. Blank blank steam distilled for the purpose of making the coarse fibers are softened bran, protein aggregation, cell rupture, the small droplets into larger droplets aggregate, so as to easily squeeze. One of steamed green approach is to add distilled water in a bucket of rice bran, cooking steam 40-50 minutes, so that the blank absorb enough moisture. Steam cooking temperature between 102 to master a lO5 ℃, cooking steamed rice bran moisture to reach 32% a 37%, while the darker, Yong Shounie feel soft and slightly sticky to.

Step 5. Fried fried blank role is to reduce the moisture, in order to facilitate the oil, the specific approach is: steamed blanks, put in roasting pan, filling each pot 3.5-5 kg. When stir-fried first, after using a slow temperature controlled between 115 an 120 ℃ but also to constantly flip, so the blank is heated evenly, in order to void fried coke. Each pan fry for about 20-30 minutes, so that the blank water a 7% to 5%, there is grease pinching will not stick into the group, and slightly greasy feel.

Preparation of rice bran oil press

Step 6. When pressed blanks into the screw press, the temperature should be maintained between 80- 90 ℃. At first boot, slowly feeding, after pressing bore heat, then gradually increase the feed rate, while pressing screw precession. When pressed, extra virgin shall keep the flow of the gap between the slag incorporation of blanks to be re-pressed.

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