Conventional dewaxing processes and operations
Conventional dewaxing processes and operations, conventional methods that rely on frozen crystals dewaxing, then separated by mechanical means oil, wax, without adding any auxiliary agents and auxiliary means dewaxing processes. Conventional bag filter separation, pressure filtration, vacuum filtration and centrifugation methods. Now with rice bran oil dewaxing process deodorized as follows:
Deodorized rice bran oil→Cooling and crystallization→Bag filter →Paste wax→Melting →Press→Crude wax → soft fat
Dewaxed oil products
Conventional dewaxing processes and operations, cooling and crystallization temperature of the cooling chamber at 0 ~ 4 ℃ in the conduct, 70 ℃ about bran oil into the cooling tank to cool 72 hours, the final temperature of 6 ~ 10 ℃. Start cooling rate within 24 hours, an average of 2 ℃ / hours, after 24 hours of 0.5 ℃ / h, and finally lowering the temperature within 24 hours of a total 1 ~ 2 ℃. Bag filters in the filter set indoors, keep at room temperature for 15 ~ 18 ℃, the filtration time of 10 to 12 hours. Bag available polyester card, cotton and cotton made-dimensional. When the oil filter 0 ℃ freezing test, more than two hours are transparent, clear. Dewaxed oil wax content in the following ten milligrams per kilogram.
Wax paste (15% to 17% of the total amount of oil) into the melting pot, heated to 35 ~ 40 ℃, bagging into juice. Pressing machine selects 90 hydraulic press, pressed flat plate pressure of 2.5 to 5 MPa. Gently press to do the operation, handling pressure, do not run paste wax, squeezing time is 12 hours. Squeeze isolated soft fat accounted for 61%, accounting for 39 percent of crude wax. The crude oil wax 40% to 45%
Currently, most of the domestic refineries with a plate filter press separation of oil and wax paste, the effect is better than the bag filter. Conventional method dewaxing simple equipment, low investment, easy operation, but the oil, wax separation is not complete, dewaxed oil was low, high cloud point.

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