Product Use
High speed automatic stacking of grain, feed, food, wine, beverage, chemical, printing and other industries.

Product Features
1. For rice processing industry in the development of the professional grip and conveying machine.
2. To achieve a linear motion, simplify motion control procedures.
3. Very simple structure, low failure rate, easy maintenance.
4. The main components of the parts, spare parts, maintenance costs low.
5. The power consumption is low, only for the same mechanical stacker 1/5.
Small area, high use efficiency.

DXCY Robot Palletizer
6. Showing a variety of teaching methods, flexible strain field of the various requirements of horse.
7. Application of flexible, can handle up to 6 production lines of products.
8. The starting point of the form, work safety.
9. The arm is light and strong, energy saving and environmental protection.
10. Touch screen, easy to operate.

Technical Parameters
DXCY Robot Palletizer
Rice Bran Oil Machine

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