Rice is an important staple food for many Asians. In some countries, rice is the main source of food. The processing and sales of rice has always been regarded as a very stable business.

How much does it cost to set up a rice processing plant? Is it easy to make a profit?

According to the output and scale of rice processing plant, the investment is different. The rice mill cost depends on many factors:

  1. The raw meterial: starting from paddy or directly from white rice? Directly from the rice, you needs more machines, including cleaning screen, stone removing machine, rice huller, paddy seperator, thickness grading machine, color sorter, etc. the profit margin of whole processing will be higher, but the initial investment is also relatively large. If you directly use the purchased white rice for deep processing, you only need the last few steps of the machine, the investment is small, but the profit margin is not high.
  2. National environment and living habits. In order to do rice processing business, it is necessary to have sufficient raw materials and stable consumer market. Take India as an example, rice is one of the main staple foods in India, with abundant output and stable consumer demand.
  3. Site requirements. Due to the processing of agricultural products, the location of rice mill project needs to be convience for transportation and storage. You have to consider the distance of raw materials, transportation difficulty and transportation cost. As the output product is grain, the storage needs need to be considered, and the site requirements of drainage and mildew prevention need to be taken into account. In addition, the site area needs to be selected according to the number of equipment.
  4. Layout and structure of the factory. More reasonable use of horizontal and vertical space, arrangement of raw material rice warehouse and product warehouse, can better reduce costs.
  5. Energy. Whether there is uninterrupted power supply, whether there is a standby generator, whether the water supply system is stable, are the factors that need to be considered.
  6. Selection of machinery and equipment. The choice of machine is directly related to the choice of raw materials. We need to consider the expected daily output, machine power, running speed, requirements for operators and so on. Generally speaking, the main steps of rice processing are cleaning, shelling and polishing. The more steps, the higher the added value of the product, but the higher the cost. How many kinds of equipment to buy depends on your grasp of the market prospect and product sales trend. There is no need to be greedy for the big and the big. According to the demand, large production lines and small equipment have their own advantages.

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