The new complete set of rice processing equipment is now a very popular processing equipment in China. It has the functions of self feeding, hulling, large chaff separation, gravity screening, coarse separation, rice milling, etc., and has an arrangement structure. Processing equipment technology content, can realize processing complete brown rice, germ rice, fresh rice. There is no residual material on the screen surface of the gravity screen, so it can be processed in small amount by farmers or in bulk.

The performance of the gravity screen will be more perfect after equipped with suction specific gravity stone removing machine and white rice air transport unit.

When rice is processed by rice processing equipment, the automatic separation of rice bran and rice husk can be realized. Rice bran can be supplied to feed factories for processing various kinds of feed, and can also be supplied to feedlots for livestock feed. Rice husk can be processed into biomass particles. The utilization rate of processing equipment has also become more and more, which has brought us a lot of changes.

Many people ask how much a complete set of rice processing equipment costs. It is suggested that we should go to the manufacturer for on-the-spot investigation, because there are many types of processing equipment, and the price of each type is also different.

The rice produced by the new complete set of rice processing equipment tastes good and has many kinds, which makes people more and more like to eat rice now and meets people’s daily needs. At the same time, with the further improvement of grain processing, rice is not only used in the food and feed industry, but also the market’s requirements for complete sets of equipment are more stringent. The manufacturers are also urgent to update the equipment.

Relying on the huge domestic market resources, they continue to improve the R & D ability, production and inspection level, develop intensive operation and strive to scale production To improve the scientific and technological content of the products, to establish its own brand, and to win the decision-making power of the industry development.

The complete set of rice processing equipment can ensure continuous operation, balanced production, processing performance and product quality, realize reasonable economic scale, meet the technological requirements and reasonable matching between equipment and equipment. In the process of processing, we should always pay attention to food hygiene, food quality, food nutrition and other related aspects. So that the production line can run normally, safely and hygienic, save energy and maintain conveniently, and ensure the advanced, reasonable and reliable production line.

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