Rice bran oil deodorized , the main purpose of removing the influence of the oil deodorization odor and taste substances in the physical refining, can also remove the free acids. Despite the different type of technology, but the purpose is always a: to ensure full contact of oil with water vapor, and achieved the desired results. This process can be continuous, semi-continuous or intermittent, depending on the application selection, oil type and scale of production, each application has its own best advantage.

Rice bran oil deodorized
Generally, the following three steps rice bran oil deodorized:
(1) analysis of gas heating: air bleaching and deodorizing the oil before the oil heat exchange heating, the first to drain the oil.
(2) Deodorization: 3 mbar at about atmospheric pressure, via a series of pumps steam injection, the oil under stirring sufficient contact with the steam vapor and the steam is uniformly dispersed in the oil.
(3) Cooling: rice bran oil in vacuo cooled by heat exchange. We can provide continuous and efficient deacidification deodorizer and many varieties of alternating intermittent deodorizer.

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