Rice bran oil refining , from rice bran oil extraction plant to pump into the filter to remove residual impurities, after heating into the acid refining mixer, and phosphoric acid dosing pumps and water enter full contact mixed together, so that the oil in the glial precipitated oil was separated into the degumming centrifuge feet alkali refining rice bran oil is pumped into the mixer and then with a quantity of lye in a concentration and reaction, the precipitation of free fatty acids in the oil, then separated into the centrifuge from soap feet.

Rice bran oil refining
Rice bran oil refining separated by a pale base and a residual oil washing soap, then after separation by centrifuge and dried to obtain alkali refining, refining, refining process, alkali bleaching tower and into a properly quantitative bleaching clay mixed and, after a bleaching treatment temperature, time, degree of vacuum, the oil adsorption of colored substances and other impurities in the clay was separated by filtration with a filter.
Bleaching refining process of rice bran oil obtained by heating the oil fed to the deodorization tower degassing oil in the deodorizer is further heated to deodorization temperature under high vacuum by stripping steam deodorization. And then after cooling the deodorized oil was obtained. Steam stripped and then the trap of deodorizer distillate commonly known as the Blackfoot, which is vitamin E extract raw materials. After cooling the deodorized oil was crystallized and then filtered to remove rice bran wax, and then removed by filtration after further cooling crystals of rice bran oil in the high-melting fat to obtain a final solids level of the oil products.

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