Rice bran refining Equipment

Rice bran refining steps: degumming is the first step of refining, degumming process comprising the hydration only crude oil, a number of impurities, such as: phospholipids, and protein in the dry gum dissolved in the oil, if it is not soluble in the hydration oil, which is the principle of hydration unglued, however, there are still some gum in oil, which requires them to be removed after acidification hydration.

Overall, oil refinery plant more than hydration unglued used, only a small foot in the middle of the tank where the oil accumulation. Phase after water degumming can be reused in the meal off steam, while the phospholipid with excellent commercial value, can be dried separately.

The alkali refining and oil with caustic soda and the free fatty acids to make the saponification . Stop after saponification of the free acid is dissolved in water, and thus can be precipitation or centrifugation. After removal of the free acid, and can not be completed because of this phase must go unless hydrated phospholipids. In addition, it also reduces the number of metal ions as well as pigments and other minor components.

Bleaching process with suitable absorbent material to remove pigments such as carotenoids, chlorophyll and so on. Bleaching has become a more important process, which is before the deodorization to remove residual phospholipids, as well as oxides of metal ions last pass. Furthermore, the removal of other impurities is very important, because it directly affects the flavor and organoleptic deodorized oil oxidation characteristics.

In most cases the deodorization, the last step of deodorization is the most refined rice bran oil, its main purpose is to remove the influence of oil odor and taste substances.

After the rice bran oil refining, the original muddy scented hair oil is transformed into a shining brilliantly, scented oil products, packed in glass containers can say is art.
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