Dry rice bran oil degumming
Dry rice bran oil degumming, former dry degummed oil degumming water of hydration must be reduced to 0.5% or less. Hydration is degummed oil dried in a continuous filler desolventizing carried water heater, dry vacuum degree -0.09MPa, oil inlet temperature of 105-110 ℃.
Dry rice bran oil is degummed oil is heated to about the dry 85 ℃, the content of the metering pump was added 85% phosphoric acid was added in an amount of 0.1% by mass of oil, blade-type mixer, after the reaction mixture was stirred rapidly, into the leaf filter . Waste clay after using bleaching filtered to remove residual phospholipids and metal ions and other impurities get dry degummed oil. Rice bran oil phosphorus content is generally less than or equal unglued by dry 100mg / kg.

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