To know the mechanical principle of rice color sorter, firstly we have to know color sorter.

Color sorter is a kind of machine which can automatically sort out the different color particles in granular materials by using photoelectric detection technology according to the difference of optical properties of materials. It’s an official explanation and a bit hard to understand.

how does rice color sorter work

In other words, the color sorter is like a person. There is a camera in it, which is equivalent to a person’s eyes, to observe the quality of the product. There is also a spray valve, which is equivalent to a person’s hand. When the camera detects a bad product, the spray valve blows it out. This is the working principle of the color sorter .

What is the working principle of rice color sorter?

  1. The material enters the machine from the top hopper, and the selected material falls along the feeding distribution slot through the vibration of the feeding device.
  2. The material passes through the shaker at the upper end of the chute and slides down the chute to enter the sorting box.
  3. After entering the sorting box, it passes between the image processing sensor CCD and the background device. Under the action of the light source, the CCD receives the synthetic light signal from the selected material, which makes the system generate the output signal, and after amplification and processing, it is transmitted to FPGA + arm Then, the control system sends a command to drive the injection solenoid valve to act and blow the particles to the waste cavity of the hopper to flow away.
  4. The good selected materials continue to fall into the finished product cavity of the receiving hopper and flow out, so that the selected materials can achieve the purpose of sorting.

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