Rice plays an important role in daily life for most Asian countries. And it’s one of the main source of food for people. With the solution of food and clothing, the development and innovation of science and technology, more and more people begin to pursue a high-quality and healthy life, and the requirements for rice quality are more and more strict.

Rice color sorter is the magic of science and technology to improve the quality of rice. So what’s the working principle of beige sorter?

rice color sorter

Color sorter in the research and development stage is to solve the problem of the quality of rice. It can be said that it is born in response to the transportation of rice. During the storage process, the rice will mildew and form moldy grains.

The aflatoxin may lead to cancer after people eat it. In addition, the impurities such as blackhead grains, small stones and heterochromatic grains in rice production and processing also need to be screened out. At the same time, for the pursuit of quality control High quality rice, belly white grain and water yellow grain will also be selected by rice color sorter.

What’s the working principle of color sorter?

When the rice flows slowly from top to bottom along the slide automatically set by the machine, the high-speed optical camera lenses hidden on both sides of the slide will automatically collect the color information of the rice. Once it is found that there are abnormal rice grains with different colors, shapes and heads from healthy rice hidden in the rice team, the camera will instantly capture them for imaging and lock the target.

At the same time, the light signal is converted into an electrical signal. After receiving the signal, the high-frequency solenoid valve device immediately turns on the air flow switch, and the driver will drive the ejector to eject high-speed and short air flow, which will quickly remove the impurities mixed in the rice grains.

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