Specific gravity rice destoner is an important machine in grain processing. It is an essential key equipment in rice processing technology. After rice harvest, there are minerals such as stone and other impurities mixed in grain. Using specific gravity rice destoner can remove the impurities and leave good rice. So, what is the working principle of specific gravity rice destoner?

What is specific rice destoner machine?

Specific gravity stone removal is a kind of dry processing machinery which uses the difference of specific gravity and suspension speed of materials to separate shoulder stones. It is one of the key equipment for cleaning rice, wheat and other grains. It uses the difference of density and suspension speed between granular materials and minerals (mainly shoulder stones, etc.).

And with the help of mechanical wind and a certain track for reciprocating motion of the screen surface to separate the minerals from the granular material impurity removal equipment.

What is the working principle of rice destoner?

With the help of vibration movement, the specific gravity rice destoner can adjust the air flow and screen surface inclination to separate grain and sand. Grain is composed of particles with different particle size and specific gravity. When it vibrates or moves in a certain state, various particles will be divided into different levels according to their specific gravity, particle size, shape and surface state.

When the rice destoner works, the material continuously enters into the middle of the stone screen surface from the feeding hopper. Due to the vibration of the screen surface and the air flow through the material layer, the porosity between the particles increases, and the material is in the fluidization state, which promotes the automatic classification.

The heavy stone sinks into the bottom layer and contacts with the screen surface, and the grain with small specific gravity floats to the upper layer Under the action of inertia force of screen surface vibration system and air flow, the relatively heavy stones slide up on the screen surface, and move to the cleaning area through the aggregate area. In the cleaning room of the cleaning area, a stream of air is introduced by the fan to blow back to the front of the screen surface along the arc-shaped channel, so as to blow a small amount of grain contained in the stones back to the aggregate area to avoid discharging with the stones.

After the processing of specific gravity stone removing machine, the rice will become better without impurities, and then the color sorter before the rice packaging will optimize the rice, with higher quality.

We can conclude that the specific gravity rice destoner and color sorter can improve the quality of raw materials and final products. After the color sorter, the impurities such as moldy rice, black spot rice, belly white rice, water yellow rice, small stones, different color particles and so on will be removed, making the quality of rice better.

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