Neutralize acid process
Neutralize acid process 1 heater: use 3 bar steam to oil heated to a temperature of about 65-90 ℃, the optimal reaction temperature.
Process 2 mixer: through the blender, so that the oil and phosphoric acid.
Neutralize acid process 3 acid reaction tank, the oil phosphate nonhydratable phospholipids into hydrophilic phospholipids, electrolyte effect, remove phospholipids and pigment.
4 cooler: use cold water cooling oil temperature, oil cooled to a temperature of about 40-75 ℃, avoid the oil temperature is too high.
Neutralize acid process 5 mixer: through mixer, make oil and alkali mix.
6 alkali reaction tank: oil and alkali reaction to remove free fatty acids, form black feet.
Neutralize acid 7 centrifuge: centrifugal to remove most of soapstock .
Neutralize acid process 8 out of soap tank: by diatomite to absorb the oil residual soap,.
Neutralize acid 9 vacuum dryer: under the condition of vacuum, the oil dehydration drying.

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