Rice bran oil mixture was evaporated
Rice bran oil mixture was evaporated: the use of non-volatile oil is almost, but low boiling point solvents, easy volatilization characteristics, the use of steam heating coils vaporize most of the solvent was distilled off, so that the fat concentration in the mixed oil is greatly improved. Hybrid rice bran oil to start mixing tank into the first long tube evaporator tube, solvent evaporation into the separation chamber via a steam condenser; mixing oil concentrated into the second long tube evaporator evaporation, evaporation of the solvent vapor through separation chamber into the two steam condenser. By the first and second evaporators due to which the vapors out of the non-aqueous solvent, after the cooling loop for cooling the solvent to flow directly into the tank .
Hybrid rice bran oil evaporation process is mainly used long tube evaporator, which is characterized by long heating pipes, mixed oil was preheated from the bottom into the heating tubes, rapid boiling, and produce large amounts of vapor bubbles rising rapidly. Mixing oils are also driven by the rising vapor bubble, and as a liquid film along the wall of the pull-down rising solvent to evaporate during this process. Since the heat transfer in the thin-film state, so high evaporation efficiency .

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