Rice bran oil deodorized principle
Rice bran oil deodorized principle, the difference is the use of rice bran deodorization fat volatility of three fatty acids and glycerol fats odor substances. Under conditions of high temperature and high vacuum, by means of steam distillation process to remove the odor material.
Batch deodorizer to have good thermal insulation in order to avoid a deodorizer in the upper space inside the volatiles are condensed to produce reflux.
The principle 1, or by vacuum suction pump will turn off sniffing bleaching oil tank, reservoir depth 1.0-1.4m appropriate.
Intermittent deodorized oil accounts for 60-70% of capacity.
Rice bran oil deodorized principle 2, deodorized oil temperature controlled at about 180 ℃.
3, the operating pressure is 0.65-1.3kpa.
Rice bran oil deodorized principle 4, which leads to water vapor, the total amount is generally 5-15% oil, and turn to spend the bigger the better, (splash and distillate reflux.) (Stainless steel tanks can be high-temperature short-time operation of law, the operating temperature 230- 250 ℃. pressure in 0.65kpa below, deodorization time 2.5-4h).
5, open vacuum stripping, under (deodorization of core processes) high temperature to maintain 4h. 8h complete operating cycle.
Rice bran oil deodorized 6, the oil was cooled to less than 4 hours 70 ℃. Before contact with the air filter (to prevent oil leakage following air) when. (Steel cans running the whole story, according to the amount of oil added 0.01% -0.02% 5% solution of citric acid preparation).

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